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Artists Auction

How do the art auctions work?
  • Artists will be offering commissioned fanart at rates of their choosing for the ‘stages’ of artwork we provided them. As an auction reaches the predetermined prices, the commission will ‘upgrade’ to a more detailed piece of work. The artists have chosen the highest level of detail they are willing to create (cap). 

  • Once an auction surpasses the mount of money needed to reach this cap, the auction will cease to yield an improved drawing and will instead  continue on to determine who wins the artist’s cap.
Example: Artist 1 offers the lowest stage of detail (a sketch) for $5 and states that they will be willing to create all of the stages between that and a full color drawing, and they set prices for each stage, ending in $50 for a full color drawing. As the auction bid amount rises, it will hit the prices set for the increases in detail (for instance, a sketch may be awarded for $5 and when the auction hits $10 the winner would be awarded lineart instead of a sketch). When it reaches at least $50, the winning bidder will receive a full color drawing regardless of the end amount of the auction (ie: you can bid $100, but you will still only get 1 full color drawing).
  • Bidders may request any earlier stage in the drawing's progression, but it will not change the end amount of the bid. If you bid $100 but want to request a sketch, you will still be paying $100.
  • At the close of the fanart auction we will contact the winning bidder and the artist to give them one another’s e-mails to work out the details of the commission. We will notify artists as we receive the donations from the winners, as a green light to begin their work. If you are an artist, please do not begin your commission until we notify you that we have received payment. If you have not received notification from us by the end of December 27, please send us an e-mail at to let us know.
  • To bid, you would leave a comment on the post (either log in by some means and leave a comment or leave an anonymous comment stating your e-mail address) and state the amount you are offering. Bids must be made in even dollar amounts (so, at least $1). There is no upper limit for how much you can bid on a piece.

(Click on each letter to check the artists under it. Click on each artist to go to their auction entry and bid on them) 






Remember that your bid will go toward helping the wonderful Wolf Haven International and their beautiful wolf pack. So take a moment, browse the list, and get ready to spark some creativity in the name of a great cause!

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